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Decades of Combined Legal Experience Representing Clients in Landlord, Tenant, and Lease Matters: Proudly Serving the Areas of Tacoma, Puyallup, University Place, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, and Bonney Lake.


For decades, Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., has represented landlords, tenants, individuals, and businesses in the Pacific Northwest in every facet of the landlord-tenant contractual relationship. We draft leases, we advise tenants and landlords as to their legal rights and obligations, and we help clients initiate eviction proceedings.

We also have significant experience litigating cases arising out of the landlord-tenant relationship. And, we not only represent our clients – we consistently provide them with excellent results. We do everything possible to ensure that the legal and contractual rights of our clients are protected – whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

The firm’s landlord-tenant attorneys serve both residential and commercial clients. Depending on the type of rental property involved, different laws and regulations may apply. Therefore, it is not only important to seek experienced legal counsel before entering into a lease, especially a commercial lease, but it is critical to do so when attempting to resolve matters of dispute.

Whether you find yourself needing to evict a tenant from an apartment, or if you plan to negotiate a lease for a 10,000 square foot shopping center or office space, our attorneys can help.

Services Provided by Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S.

In addition to representing landlords and tenants when disputes arise, we also help our clients draft, negotiate, and review leases and agreements so that they are in the best possible position to avoid future disputes. There are several rules and regulations at both the state and federal levels that govern landlords. Everything from ensuring properties are safe and habitable to rent collection practices, and especially the eviction process, are regulated.

Our landlord-tenant group of attorneys assists clients in many different areas, including but limited to the following:

  • Evictions/unlawful detainers
  • Contractor’s liens
  • Construction contracts
  • Negotiation, drafting, and review of simple as well as highly complex lease and rental agreements
  • Provision of legal counsel regarding relevant rules, regulations, and legal rights
  • Subleasing options and contracts
  • Lease assignments
  • Rent abatement
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation

Lease Drafting, Negotiation & Review

At Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., we are committed to providing only the highest caliber of legal services to our clients. We understand that entering into a landlord-tenant relationship is nothing to be taken lightly; once the relationship is formed, both parties legally commit to certain responsibilities.

Many of our clients come to us to help draft leases that ensure their legal rights are protected. We also negotiate lease language, terms, and conditions with parties on the other end of the deal.

Moreover, we analyze and interpret leases for our clients who have questions and concerns. We routinely update our clients’ leases based on changes in factual circumstances and local, state, and federal laws.

While our litigation services are second-to-none, we hope that our clients never have to head down that road. A properly drafted lease can put our clients in the best possible position to avoid disputes before they begin.

Evictions/Unlawful Detainers and Other Dispute Resolutions

Washington’s landlord-tenant laws continually evolve – they are complicated and difficult to understand, let alone to remain in compliance. And, with respect to the eviction process, compliance with the letter of the law is extremely important. If the correct procedure is not followed exactly, problems may arise.

We help landlords initiate evictions. We are ready, willing, and able to take your matter to court to ensure your rights are protected.

What Sets Our Landlord-Tenant Lawyers Apart

Teamwork. Our firm handles cases in a collaborative environment. At Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., we work together as a legal team to identify and offer different perspectives so that we understand our clients’ issues comprehensively and thoroughly.

Tailored approach. We are selective in the type and number of clients we represent and the cases we undertake – and that includes our landlord-tenant cases and lease negotiations. We wish to provide our clients with only the best possible legal services.

Responsiveness. Our firm’s committed attorneys, amazing and hardworking staff, and dedication to our clients allows us to communicate effectively and efficiently to better serve your needs in a timely manner.

Appropriate solutions. We work with you to formulate an effective and appropriate solution in the most proficient and economical manner.

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