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fenceAt Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., we represent individuals in many different types of matters that directly affect families and family units. We understand that there is a fine line between aggressive legal representation and the honest consideration of what is realistic and practical for families. Regardless of the type of family law situation, we pledge to protect our clients’ legal interests every step of the process.

For more than 30 years, the family law attorneys and legal team at Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S. continue to successfully help individuals navigate the many legal issues that can arise with respect to all things family-law related. We understand that these times may be some of the most difficult experiences that our clients face. We never forget that this is more than just a legal case file to those we represent. The outcome of a mediation, trial, or negotiation session can change lives: our clients’ lives. We never take that for granted.

Through years of education, experience, and successful outcomes, we benefit our clients in a number of ways. We hope you let us help.

What Sets Our Family Law Attorneys Apart

Teamwork. Our firm handles cases in a collaborative environment – family law lawyers working together to find reasonable and fair solutions for our clients. Becoming a client of our firm means that you benefit from the experience of not just one attorney, but of all the attorneys and hardworking staff at Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S.

We are the first ones to admit that running a business and thoroughly representing our valued clients is not a job that one person can tackle alone. And, we wouldn’t want it that way. Our attorneys, staff, and clients all add very valuable skills, insights, and perspectives to our cases – and we value these contributions. We understand that each and every person involved in your case brings strengths that contribute to the whole picture.

However, there is more than just teamwork going on between the members of our legal team. Just as we must work together, we understand that we must work with opposing counsel and the “other side.” In the vast majority of cases, there is no winning or losing in family law matters, especially when children are involved. Emotions run high, and major life changes hang in the balance. We will always try to resolve our clients’ cases in an amicable and collaborative manner. Time, money, and angst are all greatly reduced when family law disputes resolve quickly and fairly.

On the other hand, we are not pushovers; we will not seek anything less than what is fair for our clients. We are ready, willing, and able to take matters through the litigation process, if necessary. That includes serving discovery (including interrogatories to be answered under oath, as well as conducting depositions), participating in mediation sessions, filing necessary motions and objections, participating in hearings, and conducting final trials.

Our clients tell us their hopes, goals, and desired outcomes – we provide them with legal advice and suggested strategies. Together, we formulate a plan and work toward achieving a satisfactory conclusion.

Tailored approach. We are selective in the cases we choose to undertake. By doing so, we ensure that we handle cases that best suit our skills and experience. After all, we want to ensure that you have the absolute best legal representation possible. At the same time, we treat each case as unique and pledge to tailor legal strategies and solutions to your specific situation and needs.

Responsiveness. Our firm’s smaller size allows our attorneys and legal team to communicate effectively with clients to better serve your needs. We understand that your case is extremely important to you; we will work closely with you to resolve matters quickly and economically.

Simple solutions. We do not believe in complicating matters simply to drive up unnecessary legal fees and costs. If there is a simple solution that will adequately resolve your family law matter, we pledge to work toward reaching that solution as expeditiously as possible. We do not want to add to the angst you already feel, and we will never try to bleed our clients dry “just because.” Not only is that unethical and illegal, but it is not how Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S operates. You have our word.

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