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probateFor more than three decades, our Tacoma probate attorneys assisted clients in difficult times following the loss of their family members or loved ones. Through routine estate administrations as well as highly contested probate litigation – and everything in between – we provide our clients with invaluable peace of mind during very emotional and trying times. The last thing we want our clients to worry about following the death of a loved one is whether they can count on their lawyer. We take this responsibility very seriously and pledge that we are sensitive, ethical, experienced, and trustworthy.

The probate process

After an individual passes away, probate is the process that the courts use to close that person’s estate. An estate may be comprised of millions of dollars and many different assets, or it may consist solely of debts. The vast majority of estates fall somewhere in the middle and many contain a family home, a retirement account, and some investments. Each estate is unique.

There are many steps in the process that can be unexpectedly complicated, expensive, and time-consuming if not handled proficiently. This is even more likely the case if the deceased individual had little or no estate planning in place prior to death.

Before the court “gives its blessing” and closes an estate, it must determine that the deceased individual’s will is valid (assuming there is one). It must further address and resolve any objections to the validity of the will by any potential heirs or beneficiaries.

The court must also address a number of issues before it approves the closing of an estate of anyone who died intestate (i.e., without a will).

Services we provide

In addition to our extensive estate planning services, our team of Tacoma probate lawyers regularly counsel individuals in all matters related to probate and trust administration – including the proper distribution of assets and payment of any debts. By doing so, we help you ensure that the hard-earned property of your loved one is distributed according to his or her wishes.

We assist clients involved in the process by ensuring that they adequately comply with requirements set forth by the court. Generally, we provide the following services:

  • We routinely advise executors of their legal rights and obligations throughout the process.
  • We represent many clients who are the beneficiaries of a will or trust, and those who seek to contest the validity of the instrument or challenge the actions taken by a trustee or executor.
  • We help clients administer their loved ones’ estates even when the deceased individual had comprehensive and thorough estate planning devices in place prior to death.

Administering an estate properly is complicated and, oftentimes, overwhelming. Therefore, we assist with many different issues and tasks, including the following specific matters:

  • Distributing estate assets
  • Notifying creditors
  • Defending against creditor claims
  • Preparing inventories
  • Preparing deeds
  • Providing legal notices
  • The continuation of paying all bills, such as taxes, mortgages, utilities, and insurance premiums on properties (until the title is transferred), etc.
  • Preparing and filing necessary pleadings in litigated and contested matters
    • Will contests:
      • Undue influence
      • Validity of instrument
  • Selling real estate and other assets necessary to settle an estate
  • Handling awards in lieu of homestead
  • Trust account litigation

What our Tacoma probate law firm pledges to you

We are proud to set ourselves apart from the many probate law firms in Tacoma. We offer competent, ethical, comprehensive, and specialized representation. Therefore, we pledge the following:

Personal Treatment. We work with you one-on-one in the handling of your loved one’s estate. Our Tacoma probate attorneys answer your questions and address your concerns timely and efficiently. You are not just a case file to us, but rather a respected and valued client.

Simple Solutions. There may be a simple, linear approach to your matter; when that is the case, we ensure that you will not experience any extra steps or pay for services that you do not need. When your issue is complex, we treat it accordingly.

Collaborative Approach. We work in a collaborative environment where our attorneys work together to find solutions. You benefit from the experience of not just one lawyer, but the entire legal team of probate lawyers in Tacoma.

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