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Experienced Attorneys to Help Resolve Nuisance and Trespass on Your Property

For decades, Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., has represented individuals and businesses in the Pacific Northwest in every facet of real estate and property law matters. Our real estate attorneys handle much more than just the purchase and sale of homes and buildings.

For example, we assist and advise clients with an entire host of land use issues, including trespass and nuisance matters. Our attorneys have handled several nuisance and trespass cases in state and federal courts, as well as before administrative agencies.

Nuisance and Trespass: More than Just Loud Neighbors

With regard to nuisance and trespass, many people envision neighbors blaring loud music at all hours of the night or someone sneaking onto another person’s property without permission. These are all examples of nuisance and trespass – and they are issues that we handle.

However, both nuisance and trespass encompass so many more actions that our clients regularly face. In fact, acts of trespass and nuisance may include the following:

  • Pollution encroaching onto your land (including noise pollution and odors)
  • Illegal dumping of trash, cars, chemicals, and other things onto your property
  • Dirt and soil erosion from another location that has washed onto your property

Essentially, when an individual, business, or even the government disrupts your enjoyment and use of your property by the way they use their property, you may have a valid claim for nuisance and/or trespass.

Nuisance v. Trespass

In property law, nuisance and trespass are terms with similar but different legal definitions. They both involve the interference of someone’s property, but “nuisance” refers to the interference of one’s property in any way. “Trespass,” on the other hand, refers to the physical, unlawful, and intentional invasion of one’s property.

If you believe an individual or entity has committed a nuisance and/or trespass on your land, you should seek the legal assistance of a reputable real estate attorney who has experience navigating the nuances of property law.

Matters We Handle and Services We Provide

As mentioned, trespass and nuisance actions affect our clients in many ways; some of the services that we provide in this area of law include the following:

  • Resolve disputes pertaining to boundaries (which may have led to trespass and nuisance claims)
  • Review and interpret titles
  • Advise clients on property laws – including developments, trends, and updates
  • Advise clients on compliance issues
  • Initiate and defend nuisance and trespass actions
    • Conduct negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, if necessary
  • Conduct on-site property visits

Environmental Disputes

Trespass and nuisance claims often arise out of environmental disputes where some material makes its way from one property to another. In Washington, property owners continue to bring an increasing number of environmental claims against various defendants. Some of the specific environmental trespass and nuisance issues that we handle include but are not limited to the following:

  • Noise violations
  • Foul odors
  • Failure to have adequate sedimentation control measures in place
  • Dam breaches
  • Erosion of soil and flooding
  • Water treatment, transportation, and disposal
  • Dangerous structures
  • Underground storage tank issues (e.g., leakage of waste and/or waste)
  • Illegal dumping of junk, trash, chemicals, or anything else
  • Premises covered in trash
  • Obstructions to rights of way

Why Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S.?

As experienced Washington real estate and property attorneys, our firm is able to competently and comprehensively provide you with legal counsel, advice, and support with regard to your property needs – including trespass and nuisance matters. Education and experience in this complex area of law are critical when initiating, defending against, and resolving trespass and nuisance disputes.

What Sets Our Tresspass and Nuisance Law Firm Apart

Teamwork. Our firm handles cases in a collaborative environment. At Blado Kiger Bolan, P.S., we work together as a legal team to offer different perspectives so that we understand our clients’ issues comprehensively and thoroughly.

Tailored approach. We are selective in the type and number of clients we represent and the cases that we undertake – this includes our real estate and property cases. We wish to provide our clients with only the best possible legal services, and we cannot do that if we spread ourselves too thin by taking on too many cases. We pledge to treat your case with the time, attention, and preparation that it deserves.

Responsiveness. Our firm’s committed attorneys, knowledgeable and proficient staff, and dedication to our clients allows us to communicate effectively and efficiently – and in a timely manner – to better serve your needs.

Appropriate solutions. We work with you to formulate an effective and appropriate solution in the most efficient and economical manner.

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